Health and Environment Policy

  • The Environment Protection, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, as an integral part of Euroconf policis, is:
  • ensuring a healthy, sustainable environment, on which its activities, products and services have the least impact;
  • continuous improvement of working conditions and prevention of professional risks;
  • raising employee awareness and responsibility for environmental, health and safety issues at work;
  • strengthening the image of the organization.


Top management is committed to:


  • ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and other environmental, occupational health and safety requirements applicable to the organization;
  • prevention of environmental pollution, injury and occupational illness of employees;
  • provision of resources;
  • continuous improvement of the environmental management system, occupational health and safety.
  • provide a suitable framework for the conduct of activities and processes so that no incidents and professional illnesses occur;
  • implementing a modern infrastructure and a pleasant work environment, so that the proposed environmental, health and safety objectives are attained in line with the planning;
  • ensuring internal and external communication of this policy;
  • periodic review of environmental policy, occupational health and safety to ensure its continued adequacy and effectiveness.


The general environmental, occupational health and safety objectives within the organization are: 

  • reducing the amount of waste and the consumption of materials and utilities;
  • sorting and recovery of produced waste;
  • improving education, training, awareness and consultation of staff on environmental, health and safety issues at work;
  • developing communication with employees, authorities and the community;
  • preventing and controlling the risks of illness, hazards of injuries and incidents at work;
  • managing emergencies and potential accidents and preventing adverse consequences on the environment and on the safety and health of employees.