Code of Conduct

Euroconf undertakes to comply with the laws and practice of business on a ethical basis.

Euroconf is firmly committed to implementing socially responsible production conditions based on the following principles of particular importance:

1. Environmental protection

Euroconf is committed to complying with all applicable national laws and regulations for the protection of the environment and takes all necessary measures to avoid environmental pollution.

2. Prohibition of forced labour

Euroconf will not, in any case, practice forced labour, informal work or operating work.

3. Prohibition of exploitation of child labour

Euroconf does not employ any worker who is not the minimum legal age.

4. Prohibition of exploitation of youth work

Euroconf undertakes to ensure a protection regime for young people up to 18 years of age, at least at the level of specific rights governed by labour law and prohibits any form of exploitation of minors.

5. Prohibition of discrimination

Euroconf prohibits discriminatory practices based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, ethnic and social origin, nationality, trade unions, political opinions in the event of employment, remuneration, promotion, discipline at work, Retirement.

Women employed have the right to equal treatment with men, in equal or comparable situations. Euroconf undertakes to ensure women’s specific social conditions.

6. Health and safety at work

Euroconf undertakes to provide a safe and healthy working environment to prevent accidents or injuries in the work process and to comply with applicable laws relating to conditions in the workplace, safety and the environment.

7. Freedom of association

Euroconf recognises and respects the freedom form unions and the right of collective bargaining, in agreement with the laws of the country.

8. Payroll

Euroconf engages in the remuneration of employees at least with the minimum wage established according to the law and/or industry standards. Illegal or unauthorized deductions from salary are not allowed.

9. Working hours

Euroconf complies with the law on working hours and undertakes to comply with the provision of overtime on a voluntary basis.

10. Prohibition of hiring under precarious conditions

Euroconf will not allow the establishment of employment contracts which may lead to the exploitation, deprivation of legal rights attributed to employees or contrary to the principles of this Code of Conduct.

11. Ethical Conduct in business

Euroconf does not tolerate any act of corruption, embezzlement or bribery.

Euroconf shall inform the workers of their rights and responsibilities. In order to make the complaint mechanism as good as possible, the company provides a system for collecting complaints from employees. Similarly, Euroconf undertakes to conduct business with suppliers or subcontractors who ensure that there are no conditions for abuse, exploitation or illegality at their premises and are subject to the principles expressed by this Code of conduct.